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The organization is accredited by the French Surfing Federation (FFS) and the French Ministry of Youth and Sports

Hourtin Surf Club offers many different surfing courses in order to best answer your personal needs.

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Founded in 1977, this non-profit organization will soon celebrate its 40th birthday! With decades of experience in surf lessons, Hourtin Surf Club teaches its members how to surf in safe conditions. We are passionate in what we do and we are committed to share our love of surfing with others.

Thanks to our team of volunteers, this non-profit organization is able to grow. Contact us if you wish to join the team.

Stages de surf pour tous les âges


All year round, special events are organized for our members and customers such as the Hourtin Surf Contest, Ocean Day on the 15th of August, BBQs, surf trips, and so on.

Hourtin Surf Club has also welcomed regional and national surf competitions such as the Critérium des Jeunes, Coupe de Gironde, Coupe d’Aquitaine, Coupe de France, Championnats de France Master, and so on.

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