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Surf session au Hourtin Surf club Médoc Gironde

Hourtin Surf Club

Hourtin Surf Club was founded in 1977 by the first surfers living in Hourtin Plage.

The Surf Club is committed to share its passion for surfing with others. Our team works hard to ensure that our customers enjoy surfing, whether they want to compete professionally or just surf with family and friends.

Surf et environnement


The Hourtin Surf Club was first founded in a small shed on top of the dune.

Since 1998, the Surf Club has been located in a local building: La Maison de la Glisse.

This fully equipped building (changing rooms, equipment area, reception) is only a few meters away from the ocean.

Stages de surf pour tous les âges

Culture Surf

Beyond the surf lessons, there are values that we want to share with our members and customers: Exceed your own expectations, respect others, respect the environment, and love to surf.

Méthodes d'apprentissage de la Fédération Française de Surf


Hourtin Surf Club is a non-profit organization led by a team of volunteers and chaired by Dider Lull. Our surf instructors are all graduates from the French Surfing Federation.

All year round, people come to learn how to surf with our team. Hourtin Surf Club is constituted of 150 members that share a passion for surfing. Among them, there are children and parents, boys and girls, beginners and advanced surfers.

We look forward for new members to join our club to share great moments in the water all together.

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